What makes interesting insights or stats? Video infographics


So what makes for interesting insights or stats? What stuff is compelling to you and can help make some creative juices flow? New ideas can come to you at any time day or night – we all know that. One of your first steps in taking an idea towards a business plan is to understand the market – the size of your opportunity.

Here’s a video I’ve been and watched a few times. It collates some good stats, in fact a large pile of stats!


Even if you have watched this video infographic already and love it (yes I love it) watch it again. Think about what you like … what you react to when watching this.

Preparing for that pitch or proposal –

Remember the stats … they are always handy for a pitch or proposal.

Here’s some good stats:

  • 8.75 million the number of iPhones apparently sold this year
  • 26 million the number of adult Twitterers this year
  • 400 million the number of Facebook users
  • 4.9 billion the number of mobile phone users

What do you think? What stats turn you on?