Presentation Order


Hey Everyone!

The moment you have all been waiting for is about to arrive! We are very excited to see the fruits of your labour. This has been a very exciting weekend including for us the organisers to see such a great group of people come together and be so innovative, hard-working and just fantastic. Best of luck guys!

For your information the order of presentations is as follows:

1. marshmallowy
2. Get Svelte
3. Tunistic
4. Agency Snitch
5.  Spring Back
6. SN
7.  D4SC
8. Women Connected
9.  Umbrella People

Each team will be given a strict 5 minutes to pitch and 5 minutes Q&A with the judges. As we have lots of teams to organize we would ask for your help on this. That means respecting the order you have been put in and keeping setup time to a minimum.

Also know that you will be ask to setup your laptop during the Q&A session of the previous team. Please be ready when it is your turn!

Thanks so much,

The SW London Team