Learn with Campus EDU beta!


We’re excited to announce two events happening at Google Campus this week! These classes are part of Campus EDU beta, the pilot for the Campus EDU programme.  Campus EDU is an education programme delivered by universities and corporate partners for startups at Campus. The aim of Campus EDU is to help early-stage entrepreneurs to plug their skills and knowledge gaps so that they can build successful startups.

Here are the two events you should DEFINITELY attend (also a good prep for SW London this weekend)!

Brand Building with BBDO

Wednesday Nov. 7:  6 – 6:30pm

Campus EDUbeta: Brand Building by Robert Pryor & Giulia Watson

Sign up:  http://campusedubetabrandbuilding.eventbrite.com/


  • Brand Parties – Taking a brand out of context to begin to understand their personalities. [Workshop]
  • Crowd sourcing the definition of a brand. [Workshop]
  • The Good, the Bad and the Ugg Boots – which brands are deemed to be a success and why? [Workshop]
  • Why Me? – We all know WHAT a brand does; most of us know HOW they do it. We will investigate WHY they do what they do and why this is so important to understand.
  • Brand Tools – The final section will summarise the different topics covered by providing a bit of theoretical background to help you consider your own brand as well as the provision of some useful tools and resources.


Giulia Watson and Robert Pryor  work at AMV BBDO, London’s largest creative advertising agency and work with BlackBerry, Lego and Disney Motion Pictures (including Pixar and Marvel films) to produce marketing and media strategies.


Advanced User-Centred Design and Experience

Thursday Nov 7: 6 – 6:30pm —

Campus EDUbeta: Advanced User-Centred Design and Experience

Sign up: http://campusedubeta-advancedux.eventbrite.com/


Consumers are now more demanding, time-starved, informed, and choice-saturated than ever-before. Consumers want the best, they want itnow and first, and they want real, human connection too. The aim of the session is to gain an understanding of recent trends in consumer behaviour, including consumer involvement with products and services (even before launch), increased need for transparency, and the blending of online and offline worlds.

Stephanie Wilson is a Senior Lecturer and Research Tutor in the Centre for HCI Design  at City University and currently teaches modules on Interaction Design and Usability Evaluation to postgraduate students. Simone Stumpf has professional agency experience as a User Experience Architect, working on web presence, e-commerce and social networking projects; her core research focus has been on the use of intelligent systems by end users, end-user programming and information management systems.