The Menace Near Venice PT 2


Going back through the threads here is the original communication from our missing but wholly dedicated Startup Weekender during the Friday night pitches:

“..Btw: I’m about to hit the 24th hour stranded in the airport. The situation is paradoxical, Ryanair won’t move me to yet another departure airport cause my plane landed here yesterday in the only half hour in which there was no fog.  Today’s chances of any plane taking off are getting thinner (and the fog thicker), but I’ll come anyways if it departs tomorrow morning cause I have tied other work meetings in London in the coming days, so hope to eventually make it there and shake hands with you and the team.  This airport mess is already in Italian national news..And will be a funny story to tell when it’s over..Almost as absurd as last year London’s gridlock due to (heavy?!) snow. See you soon (hopefully).”

Well today is gone, and you are not hear so let’s hope late tonight or tomorrow?  perhaps this is the beginning of a new startup born out of frustration with cheap travel airlines? Or perhaps inspired by the Chinese Startup Folks..

“…PS: found Chinese startuppers in the airport.  They’re doing amazing work teaching social entrepreneurship and critical thinking to College and high school students there. VERY inspiring story on the hunger for knowledge, social emancipation, and lack of stimuli.”

Until the next instalment..