The situation here is going from bad to worse


Directed from on of our beloved and stranded Startup Weekenders, Federico Vitelio

“The situation here is going from bad to worse. I’m trying to upload a pic, but the wifi doesn’t work and the mobile connection is almost down due to too many devices in the same cell.

We’re taking turns at the power sockets.  Ryanair doesn’t agree to move us to another airport (I’m at a minor airport close to Venice) cause our flight is still not cancelled, “only” delayed indefinitely.

In 2 min I’ll blow one candle and drink champagne to cheer my first dayversary in the airport.

I called the helpdesk (payline) and they told me I was lying cause from their system it results the plane departed yesterday after only 2 hours of delay (they answered the same to other passengers calling for flights due to Frankfurt etc.).
After some deep deeeep breathing and zen practice I was able to make him promise to find me the very next flight from any nearby airport and board me on that one. Waiting his call now…”

View Federico’s Youtube Pitch here

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