#Twit Pitches..


Startup Weekend Fashion Edition Teams –Twit Pitches

1. XOVO – is an online community of fashion promoters that up and coming designers & labels can use to sell online #SWFASHION

2. OneLoyalty – A unified loyalty programme tailored to independent fashion retailers

3. Suresource – a solution for finding good, reliable, ethical, suppliers in emerging markets.

4. Beauty Cloud – Beauty products recommendation engine based on your beauty profile #swlondon #swfashion #BeautyCloud

5. FashionIQ – Build your social wardrobe by liking/disliking items, share & u might get it cheaper!

6. WARDRO – Pandora for Men’s Fashion. Personalised style recommendations sourced from a learning algorithm.

7. Silver Box – Curated luxury online shopping made accessible for the 50+ generation

8. Fashion Brief – fashion project-planning software focused on shoots and shows

9. Thread Spotting – See it. Snap it. Like it. Buy it.” Shazam for clothes!

10. Swappi – Super simple group fashion swaps, impress your friends with unique fashion items.

11. Kwillo – Pinterest meets tinder. Ask friends to solve fashion dilemmas.

12. Pulsera – Track your kids efficiently and fashionably