SW first timers: what to expect


So you’ve bought the ticket to your first Startup Weekend, excited but not exactly sure what to expect. Who goes to this sort of events? What will I be working on? Will my business/programming/designing skills be good enough for the team?


Fear not! Part of the fun is to find out about the above at the event, and we’re here to walk you through what you can expect to happen during the 54 hour journey.



Join us after a week of work/school/(fill in what you’d be up to) and we’ll welcome you with some fresh pizza and beer. You will meet your fellow SW participants, who come from different walks of life but share the same passion for entrepreneurship. Some of you will pitch your ideas and everyone will join teams by the end of the night.  Keep an opened mind and try to talk to as many people as possible— not only do teams tend to benefit from having a wide range of skillsets, many of you will continue to develop relationships with one another after the weekend.



Come in early, refreshed and excited to get started with the new team. As ideas get explored further and team members weight in, you may find them diverging from what was originally pitched. This is especially true after the team has met with the mentors, as they will encourage and challenge you. The idea may pivot, pivot, and pivot yet again, you will be pushed for time and resources to do all you want to achieve, and teams may split up or even fall apart. These are all relatively normal in the startup world, just keep the big picture in mind, seek help from others (participants, mentors/judges and organisers alike, we don’t bite!), and carry on.  Also remember to take breaks as needed.



This day can be summarised in: time, time, time. As you will only have about half a work day to wrap things up before the final presentation, your stress level is almost directly correlated with how well the team has managed time and workload.  Use your slots with mentors and judges wisely and make sure the team members making the final presentations are well prepared. Give your best shot and let luck do the rest. At the end of the day, you’ll feel exhausted yet stimulated by the weekend well spent with some amazing people.


Some useful resources to check out: