The most valuable thing you can do next weekend, and it’ll make you feel nervous


1 week to go! We’re very excited about hosting you next week at Campus London: we have a stellar line-up of mentors and judges to help you make your start-up ideas a reality. It should be a fantastic weekend.

Startup Weekend is the first step in what could be a very exciting journey for you and your new co-founders, and there’s one thing you can do to make the best possible use your time:

Get out of the building!

You will almost certainly have the strong temptation to design the perfect logo, build a beautiful prototype, and get your first 1000 followers on Twitter. However, the primary mission of a founding team is to remove uncertainty about their concept as quickly as possible, so the most valuable thing you can do is find potential customers and talk to them. Understand their perspective, uncover their pain, then adapt your proposition to fit.

So I urge you, rather than hacking through the night next Friday, go and talk to some people about what problems you can solve for them and leave the all-nighter for Saturday!