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Google Campus, Old Street, London

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Ever wondered what it takes to be an entrepreneur? The professional and personal challenges, the high and lows, the failures and the success? Startup Weekend is a global grassroots movement of active and empowered entrepreneurs who are learning the basics of founding startups and launching successful ventures. It is the largest community of passionate entrepreneurs with over 500 past events in more than 100 countries around the world. At the event’s core is the same concept that has drawn over 35,000 prior attendees worldwide: startup enthusiasts of different backgrounds come together, share and pitch ideas, form teams and work an entire weekend to finally present a (minimally viable) product to a panel of experts – and then – maybe –  launch a startup.  Startup Weekend London is hoping to further connect  the vibrant creative community of London with the equally thriving startup community.  In any case, everybody will  go home with new (and yes! important) contacts , potential co-workers and an inspired feeling ( … and possibly a dire case of sleep deprivation.) There will be only 100 tickets so stay tuned – here and on Facebook.



Jun 29
  • Registration Starts
  • Dinner & Networking
  • Welcome & Speakers
  • Pitches Start
  • Attendees vote for the top ideas
  • Teams start forming and discussing ideas
  • Start to formalize teams and take an inventory of skills. Be honest, and direct about what resources and skills are needed for the weekend. You may stay and work as late as the venue will allow


Jun 30
  • Arrive, simple breakfast & coffee
  • Teams formed and setting up workspace for the weekend
  • Lunch
  • Call for needs & skills
  • Coaches help teams one-on-one. They are here to help!
  • Dinner
  • Mid weekend check-in, status reports, call for help
  • Finished for the day. You may stay and work as late as the venue will allow


Jul 1
  • Arrive, simple breakfast & coffee
  • Call for help (this is self motivated, so don’t be shy)
  • Lunch
  • Coaches arrive… ASK QUESTIONS
  • Gut check. Start prepping for presentations
  • Judging & awards
  • Wrapup
  • Go watch the game!
Gold Sponsors

Courtney Boyd Myers

Director of Audience Development for General Assembly   |  

Courtney Boyd Myers is the Director of Audience Development for General Assembly, a global campus for digital education and entrepreneurship. She writes about technology, innovation and design for The Next Web and has recently moved to London from New York City.

Roxanne Varza

Communications Director at Shopcade

Originally from Silicon Valley, Roxanne is the former Editor of TechCrunch France. She is also the co-founder of Girls in Tech Paris and London and the co-organizer of the Failcon Paris conference. Since leaving TechCrunch, she has worked for a few startups and is currently the communications director at Shopcade. She also continues to contribute to different international tech publications, including regularly writing for The Kernel and Betakit. Roxanne holds Master's degrees from The London School of Economics and Sciences Po Paris and a Bachelor's degree from UCLA. You can follow her on Twitter: @RoxanneVarza or read her blog:

Philipp Moehring

Associate, Seedcamp

As Associate at Seedcamp, Philipp manages portfolio relations, the application and selection process, and Seedcamp’s network of mentors and partners. He works closely with all of the Seedcamp companies to achieve their goals and get in touch with the right people in the network. His investment focus is on new web technologies, mobile applications, and innovative application of technology to existing markets, both consumer and business focused.

Maxime De Greve

UI/UX Designer - UberLife

Maxime De Greve is the 23 years old Belgian UI/UX designer of He graduated over a year ago with at the famous Sint-Lucas Visual Arts Academy of Ghent, Belgium. During his studies he did an internship at digital agency Little Miss Robot who won several FWA awards in the past months. Before he moved to London to work on uberlife he also worked several months in the advertising industry for fashion brands like Massimo Dutti & Peak Performance.

Viktorija Grigaite


Viktorija works in the web development team at Shopcade and arrived in London from her native Lithuania in 2010. She has worked in different areas of web development for the past 5 years including social applications, social games and social platforms. Viktorija is fascinated by the power of the internet and its capacity to change our lives. Her life motto is “If it’s not crazy, it’s not worth doing”.

Eric Brotto
Mathieu Triay
Deborah Rippol
Josephine Goube

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